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ROOT!T® Small Heat Mat

Get a jump start on plantings with the ROOT!T Heat Mat!

Adding uniform heat to your plants will speed up
germination by days! ROOT!T Heat Mat offers more uniform heating than others on the market with its intricate pattern of fine wire throughout its waterproof, frayproof layers delivering the durability to withstand rugged greenhouse environments.

This mat warms the rooting area to the ideal temperature
required for perfect propagation, whether seed-germination
or rooting cuttings. A thermostat is also available for these
heat mats offering complete temperature control.

  • Speeds up germination/striking of cuttings by several days
  • Warms root area 5.5-11˚C over ambient temperature
  • Fully waterproof, fray proof and durable

Sizes available:

Small - 25cm x 35cm

Medium - 40cm x 60cm

Large - 40cm x 120cm

RRP £29.99

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