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ROOT!T® Windowsill Propagator

Filled with 24 ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges, this propagator has been designed to fit perfectly onto a windowsill. With its new vent, tray and insert design, not only does it look good, it is a great way to successfully grow indoors.

Size: L 39.5cm x W 19cm x H 10.5cm

  • Grow on your windowsill
  • Kit includes all you need
  • Just add seeds or cuttings
  • Vent for humidity control
  • Maximise your success rate

What's inside?

  • Vented Propagator Lid
  • Propagator Base
  • 24 cell insert with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges
  • ROOT!T First Feed
  • ROOT!T Rooting Gel
  • ‘How to’ guide on achieving great results from your cuttings and seeds


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RRP £10.99

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