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ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponge

This breakthrough organic technology is based on a mixture of peat and bark bonded together with plant-derived bio-degradable polymers that allow the product to bio-degrade once you have discarded it.

The media starts to breakdown after use and several months. Due to the structure of the range, it retains just the right amount of water without causing material compression resulting in explosive early root growth.

Use ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges for robust early rooting that supports explosive plant growth. Use for propagation then plant straight into NFT, rockwool and soil.

Specially designed dual hole to take cutting and seed.

The top wider area is at the perfect depth for most seed, designed to a specific width to create an ideal humid micro climate around the seed assisting fast seed germination.

For cuttings there is a second hole which will hold the cutting firm while the first hole will hold the perfect amount of ROOT!T Rooting Gel to aid quick root development.

The benefits:

  • ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponge Benefits
  • Environmentally friendly & bio-degradable   
  • Faster more vigorous rooting & reduced plant shock   
  • Superior absorption of nutrients & easily maintains perfect water/air ratio
  • Improved water retention & reduces transplant losses
  • Insulates roots better against heat or lack of moisture
  • Contains micronutrients & beneficial microbes to aid germination
  • Unique pre-moulded hole for cuttings and seeds
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